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Number to call customer service

Where is a number I can call for customer service. I was charged for 12 items and I was only delivered 9 items. I need someone to call me and verify that I will be refunded for the items I was charged and never received.


I am so done with this service. If you place an order after 5pm, its VERY UNRELIABLE that someone will fill your order for you. Pretty much have to cross your fingers that you dont see your order rescheduled for the following day on the app. Because THERES NO NOTIFICATION THAT GETS SENT TO YOU LETTING YOU KNOW THAT THE ORDER WAS RESCHEDULED. I placed an order, and even CALLED them to confirm that the order would be assigned and filled. She confirmed that someone was assigned to it and will be delivered between 10-11pm. Like an hour later, NO ONE WAS ASSIGNED AND IT HAD A NEW DELIVERY TIME OF 11:30pm. SO DONE. NOT WORTH THE EXTRA MONEY YOU PAY FOR DELIVERY.

Floyd was great!

Friendly, great replacement items, fast and efficient. What more could you ask for? Thanks Floyd!!!!

Simply awesome

Great communication, very friendly, provided me with constant updates

Fast delivery!

I had my order in less than an hour, super fast!!!!

Unreliable, dishonest, and terrible customer service.

I downloaded this app and used their service twice last year. I was dissatisfied with the quality of their service as each time the fruit that was selected and delivered to my home WAS MOLDY straight from the store. I complained, my complaints really weren’t handled to a manner which I was satisfied and decided that I wouldnt do business with them anymore. Fast forward to a YEAR since I have contacted them, used their service or even opened the app and they have decided to sign me up WITHOUT MY AUTHORIZATION for an “express service” that costs $150. I was NOT NOTIFIED nor did I consent to be enrolled in this service. I have sent them emails and even tried calling, and I have not been able to reach ANYONE at this company. After doing some online searches I am finding that they have been “automatically” enrolling people who have an active credit or debit card on file with them into this subscription service without their consent or OK. It seems to be a common practice for them as does not answering customer calls or emails. I would avoid this company AT ALL COSTS. I would give ZERO STARS if that were an option.

Delivery never arrived

My first time using Instacart was horrible. I was never notified even hours after that my delivery was going to be late. I had to cancel my order and take my sick kiddo to the store.

Doesn't issue store coupons

So they redeemed my coupons at Wegmans and made them unusable for me in the future, buy they didn't apply the savings to my order. Why ask for my store card info? Who just benefited from my discounts that were redeemed, but not applied to my cart? Now I can't get my savings next time I go to the store myself. I informed their customer service and they just kept sending me their policy around not accepting all store discounts. I want to know if they kept my coupon savings for themselves...kind of shady.


I’ve ordered from Instacart 20+ times and never had a hiccup. I finally decided to take the leap and upgrade to the paid version, Instacart Express, due to my frequency. Every time a driver knocks and cannot reach me, they comment in the chat and call me (not to mention my dog barks anytime someone is near). This driver did neither. Also worth noting, my place is tiny and I’m practically sitting by the door writing this, just as I was when this driver notified Instacart - “Order Delivered.” According to customer service, “he knocked and left them at the door.” $200 worth of groceries. Suspect.

Not worth your time

This service is worthless!! You only get part of your order every time you use it! The shoppers don’t care whether you get your items or not so they just don’t get them. Customer service could care less about trying to fix the problem and do nothing to try to fix the issue. Don’t waste your time!

Very disappointed

Seems like a great service but they are consistently unable to deliver the items at the time promised on their app or website. Even shopping scheduled a day in an advance is not finished on time and sometimes not delivered for several days. Their customer service can’t even help. So disappointed and frustrated.

A real rip off compared with Peapod

We were used to the super convenient Peapod back in CT. We have then moved to Florida and used Instagram only once. They add 30% (about) to grocery cost, insane service costs. Never again, better to order take Away.

Not Great

Things that's are ALWAYS in stock were marked out but they only asked for my approval for one of the items. When I tried to chat they never looked at it so I couldn't do anything about it. I'm only using the app because I can't leave the house post op after a major surgery. I probably will never use this after healing.

Good idea but rarely executed right

Love this idea but it always lets me down when I need it most! So convenient in NYC but my meal planning depends on the shopper and their interest in getting the order right. The replacements are always off - not the same item or brand level, etc. you can live chat the shopper but they may not answer. Many times I’ve reached out to instacart after not getting a response from my shopper and it usually is met with a $5 credit towards a future purchase. 9/10 times I have to make a trip to the store after because of something being left behind (and yes, it’s at the store when I get there). Instacart has its perks but is not as reliable or accurate as fresh direct.


Thanks to your shopper’s deception and your so called “Happiness Team” agent’s unwillingness to resolve, I was charged for items I did NOT receive. Do you really think I am just going to hand over my hard earned $ without receiving the product(s) or services? Up until this point I WAS a loyal, long term customer. Obviously this shopper and Instacart representative’s deception is more valuable to your company’s reputation (Dishonesty?) than being honest and keeping long term business. Now I will have to go through my bank to reject the transaction and resolve. Class act Instacart!

Worse Than Cable

Expect to have your delivery time rescheduled multiple times. And definitely don’t plan on same day delivery. Very dissatisfied with timelines of deliveries.

Add Menu feature

Our grocery store, Publix, has a cookbook and you can pickup recipes while in the store. You should add their cookbook to the app and then auto add all ingredients for the meals I select to my cart.

Hidden subscription charges

I used Instacart one time and then weeks later get a $149 charge for subscription I never signed up for and was never notified about. Shady business practice.

Bad service

You are better off going to the store yourself than hoping to save any time using this app. Most of the shoppers have no common sense in replacing items, they do not put any efforts in finding what you ordered and the delivery service is bad. It happened to me multiple times that after using this service I had to go to the store myself after being delivered because some items were sold out according to the shopper but when I got the store they had them...


My delivery was a half hour late. I ordered at five and it came at 9:30. I was missing a $10 toilet paper box. Please refund my money

Never have to leave home- updated. Terrible service

I live in the city and if you know my pain, you know how I have to plan time around my shopping. Grocery delivery?! Yes please! I no longer have to circle around for parking, lug my groceries up those San Francisco hills, and walk up my elevator less apartment building. Honestly, what got me to sign up no questions asked was that Costco was a part of this deal. Yea.. Costco lines can ruin a weekend. If only trader joes can be added! EDIT: I am beyond livid at this point. 3 times total your shoppers have had “car troubles.” Each time instead of them calling you to fix it, I’d have to call myself to fix the situation to have the order rescheduled because they marked it as “delivered,” Which takes 30-45minutes of my time to fix something that your employees should have been proactive about. They took the lazy way out, marked it as delivered for the customer to deal with. Today a shopper had such car troubles. I had to call and reschedule. First call: I asked the rep helping me to ensure I don’t get double charged for service/tip fees for both the initial “delivery” and the rescheduled order because with the past two times this happened I saw charges on my credit card that I had to call and dispute. You know, why would you pay a service fee for a service you didn’t get. I checked my app a half hour after I got off phone to double check if the order was correct. Instead of doing that, the first rep cancelled the redelivery. Second Call: I then had to call again, was put on hold for 30 minutes and re-explain what happened. When you’re frustrated already, the last thing you want to do is repeat the whole ordeal because you literally explained it a half hour prior. He re-scheduled delivery again. An hour later I check on my app to see what was going on with the progress of my order. Loe and behold the SAME SHOPPER that shopped for my initial order that had CAR TROUBLES accepted the order again!!! Of course she then AGAIN claimed she delivered it which of course it was not received. 3rd call: I’ve had it already. I keep giving you guys chances. You hire people that don’t care for customers. I asked for a refund and am NEVER using you again. I don’t complain much. I have loads of patience. This is just ridiculous.

Cheaper than shopping with kids

Some things can be up to $3 more but the convenience of really only getting what you need and not getting those extra cookies, that special spice for that one recipe you think you may go someday. Plus you can avoid the stress of getting all kids in the car thru the parking lot, fit over “no you can’t get a giant bag of Cheetos”....... It’s so worth it!

Fast service

She was really fast at shopping and delivering!

Great Service, but...

I love this service. But, personally, every time I use it, there are things online that are not available in store. It’s frustrating. The catalog needs to be updated more often.


I am loving Instacart. One thing I wish is that I could ask for paper bags. If I can do that now, I don’t see how.

Horrible Customer Service

Today I got off the phone with Kimberly a very rude agent who was not willing to transfer me to another agent. She kept laughing, rudely interrupting and laughing at me with co-workers. I was promised credit and wasn’t given it. I asked if Airbnb promised two nights and then went back on their word would that be ok. She said that’s like comparing apples to oranges. I told her lying was never ok. I then asked if I can be transferred to another agent. She said no and then laughed. I proceeded to say thanks bye then hang up. Totally not an ok way to run a business. She is apparently a corporate agent.

Service fee adds automatically even for members

Correct how the service fee adds automatically even for members. It cannot be removed after the order is placed. Sneaky!

I do all my shopping this way

I have a disability and it’s a real effort to go to the grocery store. I find the delivery people very nice. I do try to go into the store for meat because I’m kind of picky about that. I don’t mind paying the driver tip but I resent paying their service fee. You wind up paying the service fee, delivery fee, tip, and tax. It seems like the delivery fee should cover their incidental costs like insurance, customer support, etc. it feels like they are double billing and just piling on fees. I generally like the service and for someone like me who has trouble getting into the store, it’s a welcome service.

Best service ever!!!

Amazing delivery. On time and a great experience!! I may never go to the liquor store again! Seriously

Done with instacart

I have had nothing but trouble lately with Instacart. I select a delivery time and they come early, I’m not home that is why select the time I do. Also the shopper didn’t put in one of my items and I was never reimbursed for it. This last order their last chance to try they did not give me the right item and for my recipe I need more of the dark meat and didn’t not get it.Very bummed and disappointed I will stick with Amazon

My items

In general super awesome app but I wish I could remove items from "my items" to get ride of items I don't purchase often and clean that view up.

Late or cancelled service almost every time

Not reliable, cancel and late more often than not

Improvements needed

This service has potential, but the developers have several kinks to work out before I feel I can rely on this to replace regular grocery shopping. First, you are only really saving the travel time to and from the store since you have to monitor the app while the shopping is in progress to approve and deny changes, chat with the shopper, etc... The shoppers are a mixed bag and are randomly assigned. It would be great if down the line you could choose a shopper you like and they could get to know your preferences. Maybe even a tipping option for the shopper to incentivize them taking care with your items. As it is there have been problems with eggs being broken and bread being squished because of poor packing, and just general mistakes. You can get a refund, but you’re still out your staples until the next shop or you can run out yourself. And if it happens with the same item multiple times in a row it’s frustrating. It also begs the question how much time are you saving? The app itself is seriously glitchy. Items will say out of stock when they are not and vice versa. In my latest order my shopper replaced two of my chosen items with items that were supposedly out of stock. The app is also frequently a minute or so behind real time, if the last item shopped is replaced or refunded you’ll never be given the opportunity to approve or ask for a replacement. The shopper closes the order and that’s it. As far as the delivery, several times it has been well outside the requested hour range, both early and late. I’ve been lucky that myself or my husband have been home, but because of this I won’t use it unless I’m home for at least a three hour window around the delivery time. Again this impacts the ‘convenience’ factor of this service. As of now I only use this service for the specialty items I can only get from Whole Foods which is too far away to be convenient. Other than that I shop locally. If the service improves these issues I’ll consider using it more.

Good start but can improve

Overall I like the app, it remembers the previous items I shopped and suggests. What I don’t like, when I view the final shopping cart, if I click into an item to add instructions and click done it takes me back to the top off the page. Now I’m forced to scroll all the way down to where I was previously. If I have a couple of items that’s fine but with a big list it’s annoying. Also it would be nice if I can add instructions to my grocery list as a whole instead of each individual item. Even having the option of saying don’t replace any items in the cart would make it easier to check out.


Couldn’t get a deliver driver assigned to my order. Estimated time changed to the end of the night when Customer service agent tried to assist so, I canceled completely and ended up having to go to the store anyway. Not what I expected. I will never use it again.

Sunk Cost - save your $

I regret the $149 annual membership. In addition to that there’s a ‘service fee’ which is a percentage of the order. Replacements are very poor (they grant you the $ credit on occasion but I’d really rather have the item) . Delivery to your door is apparently only if the driver finds parking!

Melissa was awesome!!

Melissa was awesome!!! So quick and made wonderful substitutions!!

A Godsend for disabled and elderly

I sooooo appreciate this service!

Canceled Items!

They canceled half of my items without giving me a chance to reselect!

Marketing Notifications at 6am?!

I just set up Instacart two days ago. This morning, I am disturbed by stray noises coming from my phone. It was an Instacart marketing notification. Not cool sending alerts to my phone at 6am. Notifications are now off until the app lets me control what time I allow them to happen. I guess I’ll manually manage my Instacart notifications. That’s an abuse of my trust, Instacart. Shame on you.

Don’t show up half the time

This company/app is good about 10% of the time... the other 90% they are total crap. Half the time my order never shows up and just gets cancelled with NO notice and the other half they can’t find the items you order and just mark it out of stock. So to sum it up- if you can deal with a 10% reliability rate then by all means, sign up.

False Advertising

They continually (for months and months and months) falsely advertise the availability of the same specialty items, but they always always always swap out 80% of them for generic/mass alternatives I never would have ordered, forcing me to sit at home and wait for receipt of items I don’t even want. If they are unable to fill 80% of the order, you ought to be able to cancel the order rather than sit around waiting to receive $200 of low grade junk you don’t even want.

Business model does not support apartment/condo orders

While a great idea, unfortunately for apartment/condo dwellers, their business model does not hold up well with orders larger than 2-3 bags. The shoppers/delivery drivers are expected to drop off at your front door, but they have refused to do so multiple times now citing it’s too many items to use an elevator in, or citing they don’t own a cart. Instacart confirmed drivers are expected to own carts. One driver even brought her daughter in the car while on the job. Of course she couldn’t leave her in the car, so the driver wanted to leave my groceries on the street, in front of a 4 story apartment building with an elevator. Just a disappointment of what could have been a great business model.

Do it! It’s worth it!

I know im saving money because I’m avoiding impulse purchases when I start the list on Monday and just order it for delivery when the list is complete. All the Shoppers are so eager to please! You can tell they want to get it right-and always have for me. Thanks for the great service.

Wrong Items.

Sometimes (2/20) they’ll get the wrong item(s). Just be sure to double-check your items before it’s too late to claim something missing!

Nicole is great.

So friendly and helpful. Great service


I don’t know what I’d do without Instacart!

Get a physical receipt!

I recently used Instacart and after checking out online they said my total was $174, when my shopper arrived, she had left the receipt in my bag (which according to others, they have never gotten a physical receipt) my total bill was actually only $134. I gave Instacart a week to complete the refund and nothing happend, so I called. The girl kindly informed me of their “pricing policy” stating that their prices are different than my local store. SO! BUYER BEWARE! You are definitely paying more than your simple service fee and driver tip!

We Love Instacart!

We started using Instacart in Portland, OR when they first came to the city. Amazon Prime is okay but they frequently just canceled out of stocks instead of offering replacements and a few times my entire order was canceled. It's incredibly rare that I don't hear something from my shopper if my order is going to change. It's a much more personalized experience. Now that we're doing a lot of RV Traveling, it's really nice to be able to get a few things delivered to our motorhome. We love it!

Radical service

Every person works for this company, which I’ve interacted with has been 100% professional, fun to talk to and be around, and has done a really great job! it’s a little expensive but it’s delivery! I’m happy :)

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