Instacart Отзывы пользователей

Notifications are obnoxious

Before you start your order, would you like to recommend a friend? I received your order. I am thinking about your order. I have assigned your order. The person it was assigned to is now thinking about it too. They have accepted. They are now on the way to shop. They are shopping. They have finished shopping. They are on the way to you. They are getting close. Getting really close. They are now here? How was it? Did you get everything? How would you rate the driver? Would you like to leave feedback? Would you like to recommend to a friend? Thanks, Instacart. That short errand you ran was not the most important thing that happened to me today, but nothing else insisted I pay more attention to it than you. I’m exhausted now and remembering my first love. Will you come send me a few dozen SMS messages next time I have more money than time but forgot to pick up deodorant? That may help me get back in a more loving relationship with Alexa.

Costs too much

I used it for a few weeks when I was without transportation, but you’re spending a decent amount on groceries, you’re better off using the store’s delivery service. Instacart charges for an express membership and then hikes the price of the groceries, too! Then they charge a service fee and tip. Don’t bleed money for broccoli and eggs. If you don’t have another option, then maybe. But otherwise, no thanks!


I had trouble because the app wouldn’t accept my credit card. I’m ashamed to say it took me a while to contact them and they gave me the simple answer (use the 3-digit number on the back of the AMEX card not the one on the front). After that I was shocked that you’re notified every step of the way and can even track the driver on the way to your house! Maybe it’s because I’ve switched from Kroger where they never had half the things I ordered or they were late or the food was rotten or expired. Plus Publix has a bigger selection of groceries. The only issue is that I never got a receipt. Other than that it was a great.

5 Star for the APP

Love the app features. The shopper always has put when they are substituting my items and i can either approve it or cancel it. LOVE THAT. You can keep in contact with the shopper the whole time, see when they started, which items have been shopped, and when they’ve completed and on their way. Other apps don’t offer that. The only downfall is if you get a shopper who doesn’t really check the expiration dates of items that may expire next day. Usually bread. BUT. You can put a comment on the order they will see at the beginning of their shopping. You can always give no tip, and you can give 1-5 stars. Anything under 5 usually wants feedback where you can put what they did wrong. That goes onto their reputation kinda like Uber i guess. They are consistently improving! Thank you Instacart!

Misleading bill

I was charged a service fee + the tip... that means that I won’t have to tip the driver !!! I hope that $ go really to the driver. It should NOT be included on the bill.

Issue with credit card section

Can’t edit credit card info or delete old cards. You can only add new ones, even if it’s the same card and a mistake was made typing it in. The app said my card was declined so I kept adding the same card in case I typed it in wrong. Worked first time when I ran it through the desktop website using that same, already entered card.

Thank you!


Super convenient!

Convenient and reliable!


Instacart is a true lifesaver, especially when you are a busy working single parent who currently does not have a vehicle. Being able to get Wegmans products is very convenient. The only downside is that when products go into your cart, they are not categorized by type (i.e. produce, dry goods, frozen, etc.) so it is extremely difficult to manage purchases when you are building a list over a few days. Perhaps Instacart could take cues from the Wegmans app and mimic their sorting feature.


The first time I used the app the driver was great, ran all substitutions by me, was super quick and professional. Then last night the driver I had was a complete joke. She only did the one substitution giving me the option to substitute and then another item just did it with out running it by me causing me to pay way more money. She ended up showing up well before I requested time wise, threw my stuff on my porch, banged on my door and left. When I notified Instacart about the issue with my paying more and everything else they refunded my money. I hope if I use the app again I don’t get her. Her review 1 Star, the app 5 for how quickly they rectified the issue.

Lost me on first order

They took an order promising delivery within two hours. 3.5 hours later after a delay order still did not show up. Called in and rude agent told me they have nobody to take order and deliver and had no idea why they took it. Complete waste of my time and will never use again.

Stellar, new world convenience

This service changes lives. Love not having to grocery shop, great that previous items are listed to make it even faster. Fee is really reasonable and worth the results. Once we were missing an item but didn’t realize it for a few days, and customer service didn’t question it but credited our account immediately. Shopper/drivers are friendly, accommodating, and responsible. It’s also easy to chat with shoppers while they picking items and change or add something if you need to. Can’t recommend it enough.


The App changes your order without consulting you. Very disappointing. I won’t be using it anymore.

Extra charge for free trial

Why a ten dollar charge ? My total was $ 45 not $55

Terrible experience

My order arrived with missing quantities and I was charged significantly more then the price right on the product. Customer Service didn’t help with the issue. I wouldn’t use this service again.

Never correct order

Not only is my order 9/10 never correct, food comes moldy or expired, but also the shoppers are absolutely terrible. Today, they changed the deli meat i wanted, and I had immediately went to the app to request another kind of deli meat. The shopper was still shopping so i then immediately messaged him TWICE, asking if the other meat I requested was available. He literally never responded (this all happened within 4 minutes) and instead he refunded me for the deli meat, and left the chat and finished my order. Like how rude? Last week I was delivered chicken breast with NO exportation date on the packaging and my ground beef had MOLD all over it. Terrible.

Worst customer service

Good luck with the customer service because they won’t even refund you for a systematic error from their end. Terrible business practice and terrible customer service procedure.

Misleading pricing

When you use Instacart for a store they don’t “partner” with, they list the prices in their app at an average of 19% higher than what they actually cost. My shopper/driver left the receipt in with the items and I saw I was being charged 60 more dollars than what the items actually cost, not including tip or tax, and not including delivery cost since I was an express member. When I complained, Instacart customer services apologized for the receipt being left with the items— in effect they were saying, “I’m sorry you learned the true price of the items you purchased” and then directed me to the pricing policy for the store, which basically had one sentence in it saying the prices vary. I feel completely ripped off.

Too Many Errors

I’ve used the service a total of 4 times and each order has had multiple errors. I will be cancelling the subscription. Each order has a service fee on top of the membership fee anyway.

Stay Away!

This application is horrible. There is no chance to just check it out. You must sign up for one of three options. None are free. The free trial charges you for the YEAR at the end of the trial ($150) AND THE CUSTOMER SERVICE IS ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE!! The call center is full of 16 year olds shoved together in a tiny room somewhere. Not only do they not know anything about the company but they no nothing about life. Save yourself the time it takes getting your money back and drive to the store.


For those with a busy life style, this service is for you. Great app, very user friendly.

Very efficient service from Dana.

Groceries were delivered in a timely manner, well wrapped and exactly as I ordered them. Dana carried them into the house and was very pleasant. I am very satisfied with the service.

Best Idea Ever

Instacart is exceptional with their service! Every time I ordered the person who delivered my order was thoughtful and very competent. I’m very picky and I have nothing but great things to say about this company! Thank you Instacart!!

Will Not Use Again

Really enjoyed this service until they decided to one day change the price of delivery without showing that in the total. When placing my order it showed $5.99 and then changed to $9.99 after the order was submitted. I called and they told me they couldn’t waive the fee because I was not an express customer even though they didn’t notify me of the price change. Instacart needs to know that it’s NOT okay to not let a customer know a price has changed before we agree to submit an order. Update your system so that if the price is changing customers know BEFORE they submit.

Watch out!!

Completed an order 2 weeks ago. Great. Today there is a $145 charge from instacart because I signed up for a membership!!! (All I did was place an order there was no clear sign I was about to pay 100+ for a membership). The only reason it’s not getting one star is because they refunded my money with no question...

Hidden service fees make it way too much $$

I thought this service would be an amazing way to help us save time and money with our business. They could do our Costco and Sams club shops and we would pay $150/yr +tips.. but I didn’t even realize until the third order that they sneak in a service charge that is 5% of your order so when we have a $300-400 order we’re paying $20 service fee and then a tip and the $150 year. As of right now it takes about an hour to do the shops so we can pay an employee $10/hr and just pay them for 2hours of work a nice even $20. Even when I’m using it for home it gets to be too crazy a $5 fee and then $5 tip and I’m paying $10 each time plus the yearly fee. So I get groceries once a week that’s 52X$10= $520+$150= $670 a year! Maybe when I’m ballin I’ll use this service lol not fo now though Also this the customer service can be very hit or miss. The last time I used them I chose for them to come between 1 and 2 I show up and my house at 12:55 and the guy is pulling out! He was like I was going to leave because you weren’t here. I said sir you weren’t supposed to be here until at least 1. And he goes no ma’am we always come earlier you should be here. He was literally going to leave with my groceries 😳😳 then on top of it he didn’t put anything in boxes and the stuff that already comes in a box he took out of the box! So I had like 8 things of strawberries and 8 bundles of bananas and no way to even carry them. On top of it I felt he had an attitude the whole time. Anyways if you have a lot of money to spare and don’t mind getting rock hard avocados every-time (even when you say if they’re not ripe do not buy) then this is the app for you.


4 items didn’t arrived and I was still charged their amount and when the app prompted me to rate it- it would not let me submit that I had missing items or any rating for that matter. Customer service not helpful either :(

BEWARE: Too Expensive!!!

I’ve been working with this app all day placing an order with Kroger. Apparently my link didn’t go directly to Instacart automatically, so the price on my 40 items was $169. The checkout would not process, so I contacted Instacart who said I had to input everything again. I was able to create a group cart, which transferred over my items. However, when I went to check out, the price for the Instacart order was $196! I called Instacart again to find out why the price was higher and they said they had a different pricing structure set up with them. I also did not see where I could enter my Kroger rewards card to get those discounts as well. So be aware that you’re spending a lot more money using this app. I’ll be having Walmart deliver my groceries. This was such a waste of time!!!


Perfect answer to house bound people. Always reliable, friendly and accurate!

Apparently Instacart Thinks Store Prices are Inaccurate

We have been using Instacart recently and love it! The real time feedback from my shopper is fantastic. BUT... With the most recent grocery run, the shopper provided the paper receipt and we noticed that the totals were different than what Instacart was showing. After deducting the service fee, we were charged an extra $20. We contacted support and got the following (paraphrased here): 1) We were not supposed to receive the paper receipt from the shopper. (Red flag) 2) The price difference accounts for “weight adjustments” (whatever that means). So, we paid an extra $20 for groceries that we didn’t receive because Instacart has some black box where they calculate things using creative math. Makes me wonder how much more we have overspent on groceries thanks to the creative accounting practices. We’re going back to Walmart to Go. No fees, transparent pricing, and overall cheaper.

Horrible Experiences

I used to be an avid insta cart user. Typically the service was great, but for the past three times, my deliveries were 1 hour+ late. This last time, they charged my card and never even shopped for OR delivered the groceries. I’m really disappointed in the company recently and will not be utilizing this app in the future.


This app is the biggest scam of all time. I’ve had the app for about a month now and signed up for the monthly subscription membership. Every single time I place an order, there is a problem. Whether it’s delayed, items are missing or they bring me the wrong order entirely, I spend more time on the phone with these half wits than I do with my own mother. And if they mess up your order, the will give you a $5 credit, which barely covers the delivery cost. If they had just delivered my complete order when I had asked for it, I shouldn’t be charged the delivery fee anyway. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!

NOT what it used to be.

Instacart used to be very customer service driven, with live support, who would take care of something when it went wrong. Not any more. Now, I get completely wrong items delivered and charged for - and I can only go through a run-around on the app that forces you to email. It says someone will call you within 2 hours - but they don’t EVER call back. I was a big promoter of this service for years, but now I’ll have to look into all the other new grocery delivery services. Too bad.

TERRIBLE customer care

Customer service is TERRIBLE. After waiting for two consecutive deliveries that did not happen, I discovered that getting in touch with customer service was challenging, and after being on hold for a long time, the resolution to my complaint was a five dollar credit… I spent over an hour trying to troubleshoot these deliveries, I think that my time is worth more than that.

Time saver but

You don’t get the sale prices.

Home sick

Today I was very sick and had no drive to grocery shopping, so my sister in law told me about your app for shopping. ISO happy that I can now buy my grocery from home.

Dishonest Prices - Lack of company Integrity

I’ve used Instacart a few times and wondered why the prices varies a bit and even substantially at times. So I asked for the receipt and to find out the prices Instacart is charging are not the store prices on a lot of items. Even after having a conversation previously with Instacart and them advising that they go with the store prices and that sometimes the store pricing may vary on the on their site. However today I asked for my receipt and they have charged me about 10.00 over after fees. This is so dishonest to your customer. If you want to make more money put it in the fees. You already charge a service fee, delivery fee and a tip. So to be dishonest on top of that is not great ethics and I pray that you all either get it together or come to an end. I’m not worried about the extra 10 or 20 you steal but your integrity as a company is off.

Entry without permission

I complained about the annual fee last week, but have to update the review. I placed another order today and paid $5.99 delivery fee. The driver opened my door and went straight in my apartment without knocking or permission!!!!!! Luckily I was in the bedroom, and almost dialed 911. Yes I didn’t lock the door, but it doesn’t grant the driver permission to get in without asking! This is crazy, they have to train the drivers more carefully, and perhaps have them take law classes.


This was flawless! Will be using it again again & again..

Requested no paper bags

Cannot find a way to call you. I don’t want paper bags. I want plastic bags. Please answer me 954-849-7900 betsy

Used to like

Used Instacart religiously. Now that the added service fee and tip we are just gonna shop ourselves

Do not let them steal from you too!

I placed an order and I’ve ordered from them in the past and if it was cheaper in the store it rang up as such and my receipt after delivery reflected. Well my order was $71 they charged my card $85 in case they under charged me. Then I seen the store had 4 for 10 Pepsi products so I added that it should of been a total of around $82 dollars they charged my card the full $85 plus an additional $12 and said they didn’t honor sale ads and then said I couldn’t return it to the store to get the price changed never ever will I ever use them again when they steal from their customers!

Horrible service

My delivery was late, so I tried calling to check on the status of the order. I was on hold for 30 mins before I hung up and gave up. At this time it is over 6 hours!! and no response even from my email. Who knows if anything will ever show up! My debit card has already been charged and nothing besides hassle to try to get it refunded and I still need to go grocery shopping.

Many problems!!!

I called them regarding my recent order. Some items of my order didn’t match what they said in their receipt that I got in my email. Honestly, I had received only one receipt from the store at my very first time ordering. That time I felt great because everything is available and shown. Transparency! However, not for recent orders. So on the phone, one of them said that we should not receive any receipt of the store, Star-market, Costco and etc. However, she said that we will only receive a receipt from InstaCart. It sounded not reasonable and her reasons didn’t satisfy us, so we called again. Plus, not receiving store receipt makes things harder to check and track down how much we are actually paying for each item. So we called again and second person said, we should receive a receipt from both the store (paper) and InstaCard (Email) as well regarding your order. It sounded alright. However, items we got in our hand don’t match with that InstaCard described in its receipt. Prices of items are off (higher than actual price) Guess what Costco has more than 20% markup price on almost every product, apparently. So many products are sold higher than its price to us. More interestingly, for prime beef we received $16.99 per lb steak (on its label) for $23.19 per lb as InstaCard shows. Food delivery service is good as uber eat but shopping through this application markup products price higher than its actually price is fraud! InstaCard only provides the service; not the items!!! I don’t mind paying for the service fee and etc, but this is definitely unacceptable!

Awful customer service

They should not advertise delivery within 2 hours if they cannot fulfill that time line. It had been 2 1/2 hours and they hadn’t even begun to shop for my order. I called the help line and it said their servers and everything was down, well then you shouldn’t be able to make new orders on the app if they’re down should you??? I could have walked to the store and back in the time they didn’t even start or give me any time line. It is now 9:30 at night and I had to just cancel my order and go to the store myself in the snow and below freezing weather when I have to work at 8:30am and have been up since 4:30 this morning. This is ridiculous and they shouldn’t promise what they cannot do. Good idea, terrible execution.


Auto-adds tip - despite paying for the yearly service. Tip should wait till delivery done. App is slow and doesn’t sign in easily. Had to go to web for orders.

Won’t use the service again.

I sit here 90 minutes past my delivery window with no way of contact or even canceling the order. No updates other than delivery is next! The shopper finished at the store close to 4 hours ago. I’m nearly ready for bed.

Glitchy and slow

Been on for 30 mins and haven’t been able to complete a simple order.

Groceries not delivered

Groceries not delivered. They are an hour late. Shopper is not responding to messages.

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