Instacart Recenzje App

Working Mom

I love it because I can support Tony’s when I don’t have time to get there!!!

Super convenient, needs quality control

Love instacart and am grateful for the time save. We’re just disappointed to have gotten expired items and fruit with mold a handful of times now.

Be careful

Firstly, they took 100$ without my approval. Secondly, when I used it again they charged 15$ because the driver called me once and I didn’t respond because I didn’t know if he is the driver or someone else and he never texts me

Parents dream

This app is a working moms dream. To have groceries waiting at your doorstep is amazing I love it. I would like the membership fee to be just a tap bit cheaper but no other complaints.

Such a big help

The shoppers have all been great. It’s so awesome on a busy day to just pick my store, shop on my phone and ha w delivery within a couple hours. Love this app!

Life Saver!

Love everything about Instacart. The delivery person always picks the best produce. Such a timesaver for busy moms.

Ice cream still FROZEN!

Wow! This is almost too good to be true. My ice cream was still frozen and my fresh fruit looked perfect. I will definitely use again and recommend to family and friends.

Items missing

Before I checked my delivery I rated chad as 4stars. Chad did not deliver my milk I paid for. Also my sherbet was left on the counter and turned into soup. I paid over $400 for the delivery. This service is pricey but worth it if accurate. Want a credit for milk and sherbet. Dissatisfied would rate service as 2 1/2stars reduce tip to 5%.

Great thing for those that can’t drive

The best thing for us that can’t drive anymore or even allowed

Pretty good service

Instacart is helpful to use if you cannot get to the store. Only gave four stars because on several occasions the shoppers didn’t communicate enough to let me pick out other options to replace unavailable items on my list. This lead to me having to go to the store later in the week if I didn’t get all of my requests or acceptable replacements. Otherwise what is the point of the convenience of the app. Still a good service.

Great App!

This is my 2nd time using Instacart!! It’s absolutely fabulous! My only complaint is when a grocery store doesn’t have your item, I noticed both times using this service that whatever item there replacing the out of stock items with always seem to be so much more expensive than what I originally picked. And I also wish I could pick which location store there shopping at surrounding my home. I prefer 1 giant over another.


First...when it works, I love the service. This version of the app is very glitchy. I have spent at least 5 minutes trying to figure out how to add to an order (which was submitted a minute before that and shopping had not started.). After becoming frustrated with that, I sought help through the app. This not only did not explain what I was doing wrong, but when I tried to send an email request for help it sent me back to my current order. Very frustrating and disappointing.

The Best Thing Evvvvveeeerrrrrrr!


Wholly Disappointing

I ordered my groceries the day before delivery with a one hour window. First, some of the items I normally purchase (and know for a fact are stocked in my grocery store) were not even listed in the app. Second, I got an email 1 hr before my delivery window that it would be delayed. Ok, that’s fine, except the second 30minute window came and went and nothing. No delivery, no communication. Then my shopper messages me that she’s starting at 11am, a full hour after my delivery window ended. She said she didn’t get the order until 10am, although I had ordered the day before. I canceled my order. This is unacceptable and I wasted an entire morning waiting for my groceries and now have to go get them myself. Save yourself the time and just get the groceries yourself. I wouldn’t recommend this app to anyone!

So awesome

2nd time using too easy to believe!!!


I signed up and agreed to a free trial, assuming this meant one free delivery, then higher rates on subsequent orders. Instead that means a free trial of their yearly subscription service which costs $150 per year. I was only made aware after they had taken the money from my bank account. Now I am waiting 5-10 business days for my money to be returned. Please do not use this app or service until they change their shady practices.

After trying other delivery service, I appreciate instacart.

They do show up earlier, but it’s what I actually want and expect from someone that carries “insta” as a name. I had to return and item once because it wasn’t what I expected, not the shoppers fault at all, and I called to ask about a return. They refunded my money instantly and didn’t even ask for the item back. They were very pleasant and helpful. I recently tried one of their competitors, they are more expensive and it takes ten way longer then the hour promised to actually deliver.

Okay, could be better🤨

I like the Instacart concept and the convenience, but after trying it 3 times so far, it all depends on the shopper you get. The first time was wonderful and the shopper checked in with me on substitutions and and communicated very well. She also knew how to pick produce well enough. The last 2 times were horrible. One person picked a horrible package of meat and bad tomatoes and lemons that were scarred and had rotten bruises on them. The other girl was very young and I guessed considered the shopping as a timed race. She just seemed to run through the store and didn’t bother with substitutions, just refunded items that I needed some type of choice (completely out of at home)and never bothered to even suggest something. She seemed to choose produce by whatever was able to be grabbed quickly. I don’t expect perfection, but some type of effort would have been appreciated. Then when she delivered my order, I requested she leave the bags on the porch and then text me so my dogs don’t go crazy from knocking. Well she decided to put the bag with a dozen eggs right in the doorway so when I opened the door to find the bags I stepped on the eggs and crushed them! There was no way to avoid them and my porch is huge. So my groceries were ruined. They need to be more careful about who they hire or maybe put in some better incentive plan and they are looking horrendous. I have given one more chance to them tomorrow as I am homebound - so I’m hopeful it will be better😳

Not seeing an advantage in express service subscription

I find it a bit misleading that I am paying $150 a year for the express service but delivery minimums vary from store to store so I have to rack up items to be able to use it - nothing is truly free. Seems like over time if I just meet the minimums there’s not a lot of value in the express service. Or, I just drag my butt to the grocery store and bypass the whole thing.

Worst service ever!!!!

I did purchased some groceries and I was automatically signed for express delivery membership that I don’t want. When I contacted the support they said it can’t be canceled and they can’t return my money back. This is unexpectable!!!


It’s convenient, but shoppers are mostly lazy and will replace your item before looking for it. They also have no sense of fresh produce.

Fabulous Customer Service

Easy ordering from multiple stores!!! Customer service is great. They are easy to reach, responsive and help explain things while you are learning how the service works!

Great for single working moms!

The price difference isn’t that much and totally worth the time you save. Plus, there are coupon offers in the app. Love this service.


I love the service. Fast and convenient.


Waited on my order from Costco said it was going to be delivered by 7pm I get a text message 8:15 that they rescheduled my order for the next evening I was totally dependent on that Costco order and I was never informed that the shopper was behind and my order might have to be rescheduled or I would Have gone to Costco myself! Huge inconvenience for me!

A Good Service When You’re Too Tired To Shop

Instacart is a valuable service that I’ve used a few times when I’ve been too tired or lazy to shop or when it’s just too hot or cold to go outside. For the most part, the orders show up with 100% accuracy; however, today I received a small mixed berry cup when I ordered and paid for a large one. The produce always arrives very fresh, and items with expiration dates have dates far into the future. The groceries are always delivered within the time frame I request. I think the delivery fee is worth it, and I always give a $5.00 tip. The person who delivers the groceries is the same person who did the shopping. This is a great idea, because it fosters accountability. I definitely recommend trying Instacart.

Lost my store options

Loved this app! Prefer Safeway, just went in to order and only independent groceries were the option. Changing app!


Great job!!!!

The best

Very pleasant

Jarrod was great!

I am a first time user and Jarrod met me at my door and walked me through some stuff he was awesome!

Love the convenience

Thank you so much. This is so great for a working mom!


This app is amazing especially for busy moms and dads

Outrages prices for some stores

I work long hours and am a single Mom. I don’t want to spend a couple of hours on the weekend standing in line at a club or grocery store. I tried their service and pay over $100 annually to get the free shipping on orders of $35 or more. On top of that they up charge most items by as much as $5 or more! I just ordered from Costco and the delivery person left the receipt by mistake I’m sure. She paid $64 and I was charged $91.31! I thought the yearly fee would mean that I was going to get food at the same cost as the store because on top of that they add another fee that you can waive but have to manually remove and of course a tip for the driver! I can’t believe I paid an annual fee and on top of that get markups so outrages. I could live with a dollar per item up charge, but not the outrageous charges, plus they always overcharge your credit card and then adjust at the end so you have to stay on top of your charges to make sure they charge you what was actually delivered. There are stores like Whole Foods where they offer the same in store prices. Also, the outrages upcharge is for club stores so I suppose if you want something from Costco and don’t have a membership this is a viable solution. However, I don’t get why stores like Publix have such an up-charge too. Unfortunately, there are quite a few things Whole Foods doesn’t carry that are essential so I would still need to order from Publix. I’m not planning on renewing my membership the costs are just too high.


Be very aware of using this app. I placed an order last week that was $85 worth off food. There were some items that were suppose to come 2 for 1 and I made sure to ask the shopper to please grab those items as a 2 for 1. Not only were those items missing, BUT I was charged over $9 for a fruit cup bowl that was actually $5.70. My eggs were cracked, the salads were old and so was the fruit. After doing the math, I lost $50 on my order plus the service fees and tip. Upon speaking the the company they only refunded me $32 which is the service fee for this order and my next. I lost the money on the groceries purchased that were missing, old, overcharged and broken. I ordered because I had family over and didn’t want to leave them but from now on, I’ll go to the store instead. I can’t trust the shoppers they use and I work hard for my money. It’s not worth the risk.

Add photo to my account

How can I add a photo to my profile? Thanks! /Charlie

It’s a single mom’s dream!

I’ve never enjoyed grocery shopping. I love getting a great deal at ALDI but I don’t enjoy bagging my own stuff, waiting in lines...I feel there’s better use of my time. I maybe spend an additional $10-20 for delivery but it’s 100% worth it the me!

DO NOT USE IT. Waste of money and time.

Apple PLEASE take this app out of the Apple store to avoid massive disappointment by people. The original good reviews when the service and app were born, lead to misleading 4.8 star rating, unless you click on reviews and realize that all recent reviews are 1 Star ! With th amount of reviews the ACTUAL state of this terrible business will not tip the scale of reviews to reveal the current reality for a while, by then instacart will successfully pick pocket ( that’s the feeling for sure ) our hard earned money and leave us feeling being used because there is NO recourse to get your money back despite the fact that we live in America. Out of 5 times I have used it, 1 was ok, 4 were BAD and last one was on a level of “how does this business survive Even one day”? $140.00 of wasted money. Why? Delivered Product that expires next day ( imagine full fridge of it ), dismissal of explicit instructions by shopper of putting two items in cart for “buy one get one free” deal, NO specific instruction on the app while shopping that you must indeed put two items in cart. “Equal replacement” isn’t equal. As in when you select let’s say organic eggs you would think the instacart shopper would select another organic eggs brand, nope generic eggs. Just like one of the reviewers said - unless you literally holding shoppers virtual hand - you are at a loss. Why ? Because you can’t return or replace items, because clearly instacart has BAD relationship with local stores. Oh and instacart vaguely suggests you won’t be able to exchange or return items, but only on the phone they tell you, nope don’t even try. HOW IS THAT fair ??? to continue with this disastrous last order, tomatoes were moldy, and half of the bag of potatoes ( one out of two pounds ) were missing. NOTHING with this order was ok except toilet paper and paper towels ( would be hard to screw this one ). After multiple calls and emails to instacart, I am so mad that I didn’t just choose to go to store myself because it had turned into epic mood spoiler, money waster and dealing with people and service that just doesn’t care, all I have is less then 10$ of INSTACART CREDIT ( what for if service fee is over 7$ and I am NEVER shopping via instacart again), missing or expiring or plain spoiled food( that was supposed to have lasted a week), and generic as per script human compassion lacking, responses from instacart support team. I can’t believe it got to me like that, but it did. For the first time in years I wake up with a headache.

Wrong delivery!!!!

I got someone else’s delivery. This is awful I’m so upset.

Was a good service, until they added mandatory fees.

This was a delivery service which I extensively used until they made fees mandatory. Real bad never using again.

Wonderful idea but Instacart cannot deliver it yet

I have tried it several times. And I have had issues every single time. From being overcharged, receiving the wrong food, not receiving certain items and getting charged for it, getting spoiled food, delivery at the wrong window time etc. I am done using this app, hopefully another investor will take up on the idea and improve it.

Not gonna use it unless it’s absolutely necessary

I actually have not used this app yet. I did go “shopping” on it and went to check out and they don’t offer a way to pay through food stamps. Plus when I was shopping, I noticed the prices were higher AND they didn’t offer the option to get generic brands (even though I know they are at the store). So I came on here to read reviews as I was so excited that our town finally got this service. And read the reviews and I really don’t think I will b using this service unless it is absolutely necessary....not only due to the reviews but also the three things I mentioned before. Extremely disappointed

Thank you

I’m very pleased with my service. Also the ladies that dropped off my groceries were so pleasant loving and kind. They went above and beyond very kind ladies. I have MS so it’s hard for me to get around especially in the heat. They were beyond awesome and everything was absolutely perfect. There is not a better feeling than to have your groceries sent to your door. Thank you beyond. Also they were quick dropping off the groceries I would give them 10 stars if I could.

Good shoppers, majority of the time

Most of the shoppers they use in my area are great and pay attention to my instructions. I wish Instacart was available at more stores around me, maybe in the future.

Wrong items picked even after texting with the shopper.

Even after texting with the shopper numerous times specifying to double check that the items were GLUTEN FREE due to a severe Celiac allergy, the items he “substituted” were not gluten free. He subbed a cereal that I approved to be regular Chex, yet he actually picked up Crispix cereal, which again is not gluten free not the sub I approved.

Dependable and remarkable

I save time and money by only buying what I need. The delivery people are prompt, courteous, well dressed and smiling. It's convenient and worth the yearly subscription.

So convenient

I live on a 2nd floor. I have bad ankles a bad back and have asthma. This service allows me to shop without hurting myself or making numerous trips up and down the stairs. Thank you Instacart

Mike Ottwiller

Placed an order yesterday and was told it had not been delivered due to the wrong address being provided when in fact it was the right address. Called Instacart put on hold for 20 minutes while rep said she would call delivery person to find out what happened. Rep disconnected call then I called back again told to reorder which I have done but nothing has changed in terms of address which if googled is my friends home.


Thank you Kelvin for coming back to bring the groceries up the side stairs. I do appreciate it and thank you for the excellent job shopping. I'll be back.

I love it! -A TRUE CUSTOMER!!

I live in an area that hardly any places even deliver fast food. I work so much it’s hard to go to the grocery store. With this app, I’m able to see all the deals going on, order, and get it delivered in a matter of 2hours! Not to mention the customer service is actually really great! I recommend this app completely! Worth the 5.99 delivery!

Ms. CMParker

A really great service when one is getting over Surgery. The Instacart Shopper was very pleasant informative ,courteous just the service I needed at the time. Thank You Publix, Well Done

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