Instacart Recenzje App

Great thing for those that can’t drive

The best thing for us that can’t drive anymore or even allowed. The information on the site should be updated a lot more often then it has been!!

Heaven sent

I was home sick from work with dr’s instructions to eat a bland diet. I had nothing that fit the requirement and I couldn’t go shop myself! I just did a google search, found this site, placed my order and in less than 30 minutes I had what I needed sitting on my counter. Thank you so much shopper/driver Emily!! You’re an angel! Katherine R

Keeps charging me twice

Authorized my card for $60, final total was $50, charged me the fifty as well as holding the $60 effectively charging me twice for the past 3 days. Unacceptable.

Dishonest/awful company

Do not use Instacart! Dishonest company and horrible customer service! I’ve contacted them several times and was given inconsistent answers by each person and not refunded. Just found out my local grocery store has started using home delivery and I will gladly use them instead.

Luv it luv it luv it

Luv it the drivers are wonderful and polite. I will continue to use this and pass along to my friends and coworkers every chance I get Always had a pleasant experience. Always on time, food is fresh and packaged well

Frustrating when not items are delivered

It’s frustrating when order lists as complete but when delivered it appears something is missing. To report a problem takes long time as the place where to report it is well hidden...

You keep raising prices!

Now there’s a mandatory service charge. And the prices that you charge for goods being delivered is higher than we could get in the supermarket. In addition, we get the annual $150 delivery free which has gone up 50%

Question explain service charge

What is service charge for


The shoppers are not responsive and do not give you a chance to choose appropriate replacements.

Poor training

The shoppers are poorly trained. I never have an order without mistakes, despite selecting replacements for many items and having instructions. I am supposed to receive a phone call if there are changes to the order that I did not approve, and every single time it’s an automated call that hangs up as soon as I answer. Shipt has much much better customer service and trained employees, but they don’t always have the selection of food that Instacart does. But I am not pleased with having to use Instacart.


The app doesn’t have every item the store has, and the shoppers sometimes go rogue with “replacements”. Difficult to report problems with orders and track status of problem report. Not a good trail on credit status or what credits are for when received. There should be an easier way to repeat order with replacement options and instructions to shoppers.

You’re paying more than you think...

I was expecting to pay around $20, maybe $25 for the total delivery, service, and tip. When I got my receipt I learned that my grocery receipt was $20 less than my receipt on Instacart. The whole transaction cost me over $50.00. When I brought the discrepancy to Instacart they were less than helpful stating that they reserve the right to charge differently than the grocery store. What I did to save time cost me more time and money as I’ve been trying to understand their justification. Look at your receipts to gauge the true cost of the service. For me it’s not worth $50 to save myself an hour and a half. And don’t even get me started on replacements. Dried cherries and dried cranberries are not the same thing. And no it never popped up for me to approve it. Anyone in need of $6 dried sour cherries, let me know.

Saves me money & time!

Through out the week I always keep a list of what’s running out in my kitchen. So it’s easy to just copy it. Yes I pay the service fees & delivery. I don’t mind it because it helps me stick to my diet, there for saving me money, and saves me time as a bonus! Love this app

Overpriced and terrible service

On my order of 21 items instacart over charged me for every single one, on top of the service fee, delivery charge, tip, city fees. Their support team was completely useless when I followed up on this. Don’t waste your time or money!

Persistent problem selecting delivery time using voice over

Now, and App that has been difficult to use with voiceover has become almost impossible to use. The search feature no longer works with voiceover after items have been placed in cart. Apparently the cart icon somehow displaces the search field in the search function. this problem has begun within the past seven days. Using search is an important way of using the app for voiceover users. It’s impossible to correctly set delivery time using voice over. Serious error. Strongly urged Instacart to review it's own app using voiceover commands. Sad! A lot of voiceover users are good customers. Fix this!


PLEASE. STOP. MESSING. WITH. LISTS.🗒 😫 The lists are the *best* part of this app.🤩🤪 It’s worth the increase in prices💲🤯, it’s worth all the ways you try to trick us into paying extra money🧛‍♂️, it’s worth all the weirdness with the shoppers 👩‍🎤👨‍🎤👹, yet you keep messing with my lists! 😫PLEASE STOP.😠 It used to be very quick to place an order. It’s even worth the DOZEN or so clicks it takes to even *get* to the lists.📱 I had spent a lot of time 📆placing the items that my family members are *likely* to eat or can have on their diets.🍽 Then when I had about 5 minutes of my VERY BUSY schedule to place an order, I just went to the list 📑I wanted, boom boom boom, added the items🛒, placed the order, marked, ❎“No I didn’t want to pay 10% for this”, ❎“No I don’t want to pay 10% for that”, chose a delivery time⏰, sent the order 📧 and it was done! 🎊🎉🎈🎀And I usually tipped generously. 💰 Now my lists have become “categories” 😦🤔 and I can’t add a new category and populate it with items. 😲 And I really need to because the doctor put one family member on a new specific diet🚫🍇🚫🍚🚫🍕🚫. PLEASE. STOP. MESSING. WITH. LISTS. 🗣📣📢... Take a look at the other reviews, there are so many other problems with this app⁉️☎️⚠️📛📵🆘. Please don’t fix what isn’t broken. 🚫💡🚫.. BRING. BACK. LISTS... Please?

Shady Grocery Delivery Service

PSA: Watch our for those hidden upcharges. They make it out to sound like a great way to get your groceries delivered when you live a busy lifestyle or just can’t make it to the store. It states on their website that they honor certain loyalty programs that stores offer, so it’s safe to say that the larger, more we’ll known grocers should be supported, right? I ended up paying double what I would have for my groceries, so I contacted their customer service line. Julian said that they do not honor the prices in store and only go by what’s on Instacart. That means no refund for me. Paying for 15 pounds of meat when the price on the packages literally say otherwise for 6 pounds of meat is absolutely absurd. To top it off, they jack up their prices by .40 or .50 cents on a ton of what they offer. That’s nice when you can have $10 off your order with a coupon, but are paying an extra $20 plus $5 service fee and a tip on a $70 order. I ended up spending $90 on a $60 (with $10 off) order after all the adjustments that were made according to Instacart’s pricing. After replying to the customer service rep I have yet to even receive a response within their “2 hour reply” window. It has been nearly a day. I am both infuriated and disappointed with this company and will not be using it again in the future.

Easy. Quick. Satisfied

Got the job done


This use to work. Now the app has me listed as Unauthorized user I just finished an order and submitted feedback three hours earlier You can select replacements for items that are sold out. When it works it is awesome When it doesn’t work it is the worst

Great but with recos

Love love love this app. However, I’d like to make a feature request to the developer. If an item is out of stock and refunded on my order, please automatically add it back to my cart for the next shopping trip (or provide an option to add back to cart).


I am canceling this service. I have attempted to use this service 3 times. Each time the items I chose aren’t available. No replacement is available. The items are deleted from my original order make the total under $35. So for the other items delivered, I am charged an additional delivery charge. It seems to be a ploy to charge more money for being disabled. I’ll just wait on my daughter.


I ordered and paid for one hour delivery. It’s took almost 2 hours. No remedy was offered. No remedy was offered last time it happened either.

Fix this

I never asked a subscription why it charged me $149.00!! 😡🤬

Pushed $150 annual script on me for no reason

They forced a $150 annual charge onto my card. I used Instacart once, 6 months ago, for a bachelor party. Somehow they got my new CC info and charged me $150 today. How they got the CC, I don’t know. Now I have to waste my time tracking these people down.

Doesn’t work in Orlando

I have tried to order using this app multiple times. I have never received anything. My orders were never ‘shopped’ for. I couldn’t figure how to cancel my order, so I called customer support. They were not helpful or even apologetic. They just cancelled the order with no explanation and then hung up. Deleting this app now, and won’t be trying it again.

NOT worth it

I decided to use a grocery delivery app since I move to a building without an elevator. Aside from the increase in the committed yearly membership fee, and the thrown in your face up-charging is every & any item possible, InstaCart then adds in a “SERVICE FEE” -which fluctuates based on items purchased. (If spending around $90-100 expect to pay around $6-8) funny how if spend $60-$70-service fee is $3-4). It’s basically a shipping and tipping fee in addition to those exact fees your already paying. And that’s if you hav Now I understand it’s to contribute to background screening, however it should be a FLAT RATE if that’s their rationale. Mind you these additional fees apply when you pay for a yearly membership, but it’s hardly worth it. Honestly, it’s more grief to be in stand by to try & replace the item you wanted with only 2 options or if the shopper is super lazy they’ll just refund an easy replaceable item without trying. I’ve had an experience where after spending a solid 2 hrs picking out items not too horrendous up priced AND actively engaging in text to approve items.... the shopper decided to stop after I was told my order was completed. I then had a new shopper who decided to just refund anything like pasta based on the shape without attempt to suggest a replace. I’ve had wrong delivers with a mixture of my items & another, or flat out MISSING A LARGE AMOUNT OF ITEMS! I have horror stories for days and only sparingly use the app because I can’t get a refund. SPARE YOURSELF THE GRIEF & HASSLE. Find another app.

Lucky if you get what you order

Half the time the items are missing, and quite often you will be waiting five hours later on hold with support only for them to tell you they can no longer deliver today as it has gotten to late while you were waiting on hold


The app says I’ve received a promo code and have express delivery free for 14 days. But, at checkout nothing is taking place. Very disappointing as the groceries are needed and I select everything and come to find out none of the promo codes or the 14 day express delivery is taking place. Disappointing.

Not user friendly

App is not user friendly at all. Says items can be added but never gives the option to do so

My order is more than an hour late

As I sit here trying to find any kind of contact information for the company, I cannot. Maddening. Never again.

Changes times

I waited an hour for a delivery then it shifted to next day delivery instead because store hours were not accurate. No point. Deleted.

What a lifesaver!

Instacart is a total lifesaver/timesaver for our family! Not only does it save me from an extra trip to the grocery store.. it keeps me on track to not spend extra money on things I don’t need but see by walking through the aisles. I get exactly what I need and have it delivered to my home all while taking care of my family. Plus.. I get to help support other families that are taking care of my least favorite chore.. groceries.

Misleading promotions

Their promotions are misleading. They do not advertise minimum purchase orders on referral promotions and customer service was TERRIBLE in working to resolve the issue or provide a new promo code - which was the reason I decided to give it a try in the first place. Terrible customer service = lost customers.


Service and convenience is great but service fee ridiculous

Get the Carrot

Instacart offered me $15 off my first order of $50+. My account shows the $15 available credit. When my cart total is over $50 the $15 credit does not appear anywhere at any point during checkout. I did not end up placing an order. Instead I decided to try my laptop and mobile site to be sure it was not something on my end. Same crap. I am an avid coupon-user and deal hunter. I appreciate signup incentives and I definitely would have tried Instacart if the incentive was more than an out-of-reach carrot.

Error 400

Never was able to place an order. Currently have an injured knee and can’t move around accordingly this would’ve really helped. Should’ve known it was too good to be true. Can’t check out it just keeps saying Error 400. And it’s not my card declining. No one seems to know what it is even though if you google it plenty of customers have the same issue. Gonna check out another app really disappointed.

Fine print

$150 annual membership in addition to up-pricing each item by 13%, no bueno in my Book.

Was great at first but....

I really enjoy this app at first especially the way it’s organized and how you can sort items by things by the lowest price per ounce or a pound, but I had a lot of issues after the first couple times with delivery drivers and with things being forgotten or gotten a different product. Once I was charged for things that I actually didn’t get delivered to me and because they refuse to give paper recipdon’t give an actual receipt you can’t always prove it until Friday then had a lot of trouble with the representatives but I’ve also had to call back multiple times when someone can help me

poor app, poor design, poor execution

What is the point of asking me what item I’d like to replace the item that is not in stock with if that is ignored? Why are all the key items that I want not in stock? Why am I allowed to order an item that is not in stock? Why is this the only business on earth that allows this? A joke of a service, way to expensive considering you end up having to go to the store yourself in the end anyway.

Horrible App sweet people

The app allows you to select alternative food items. But I didn’t receive them.So if your item is out of stock. You’re just refunded.Now I have groceries that can’t make meals. Plus the chat is delayed so the shopper won’t see anything until it’s too late. I would recommend not to use this app.


Decided to try this out bc I love all things convenient, and couldn’t be more disappointed. Placed an order over FOUR HOURS ago, and not a peep. Checked the app 30 min after delivery time and thought it wasn’t a good sign that i could still add items, but being a first time user, was still hoping for the best. Finally just called help phone number and was told that the order was never picked up by anyone....something that could have been brought to my attention THREE HOURS AGO! I’m pretty ticked cause I’ve been craving Brussel sprouts since i ordered 😡


I ordered flowers and chocolates for my girlfriend because we are long distance and I wanted to do something nice for her. I saw this app and decided to try it out and it was the worst idea I’ve ever had. The things I bought got delivered to the wrong house, no conformation, no nothing but don’t worry they said that it got delivered. So I’m frustrated waiting for my girlfriend to be surprised but she receives nothing. So I call the customer service number and the person I contacted said “things get delivered to the wrong house more than we’d like”. First off how can you run a business and not fix your problems. Second off the person I spoke to also said they would give me a FULL refund. Which should be what happened because I didn’t even get anything I ordered. I thought all was good until my girlfriend called back and found out I didn’t get a full refund. They refunded me for the products I bought not all the taxes included as well. Honestly I was just trying to do something nice for my girlfriend and buy her flowers and that couldn’t happen because of your company and then you try to screw me out of my own money. Horrible company. I don’t plan on ever using InstaCart again until things get fixed where you are guaranteed the things you ordered. Very upset.


It’s impossible to use a promo code on here, it’ll say you have promos but then they don’t work

Hidden Costs !!! Check your store receipt !!!

Instacart marks up each item and does not show that to customers at checkout as a line item in the totals. This extra fee they told me was to pay for the drivers that shop for you, if that’s true just show and tell us customers. Drivers I have spoke with have told me they make money from the tips alone. Well if that’s true where does the markup money go? Instacart already charges you a fee and have said they only make their money from that. I have spoke with the grocery store folks and they said they don’t set the Instacart prices... again where does the money go? Very deceptive that things can be broken down honestly for customers to see all actual costs.


I enjoy the convenience of this service, and the shoppers are always friendly and prompt! The only disappointing aspect is difficultly in using the discounts and promotions that were emailed to me and the lack of competent customer service when calling in to the 800# and emailing them.

Terrible service

First order, still waiting over 2 hours late

The fees!!

The fees on this app are insane! So many of them.

Credit Cards ONLY

It’s makes NO sense that you can not use your debit/prepaid debt card if the correct amount of funds is available on it. Customers shouldn’t be unable to use a service because they decided to keep their money on a prepaid debit card instead of a commonly used bank or credit card service. Your still being paid regardless.

Don’t like the delivery changes

Don’t like the delivery changes

Service Fee??

I just purchased Express for $149 annually, and now I see a huge service fee tacked on my order instead of a delivery fee. Not cool, Instacart, not cool. I’m out.

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