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This app was recommended, but after I did all the signup, they dont have it in my area. You mean you dont want to come to my neighborhood because its not wealthy. Well, everyone here owns their home average value 600k and we have a Whole Foods and Fairway within 5 miles. Since Whole Foods is connected with this, I wont be giving them my business. Sick of companies like yours treating us as second class.

2 hours... No groceries

Horrible first experience. Placed order 2 hours ago (for 1 hour delivery), status still displayed as "shopping." Good idea, terrible execution.


Such a Great service for a new mom!


This is the best thing to come along since my husband!

A+ Service

A+ Service, very simple and easy to order. Super fast delivery.

How do select a different store?

Lots pretty, pretty doodads in the latest redo, but how do I select a different store?

More time for other things!

Instacart is awesome! I get high-quality produce, groceries, and household goods without driving to the store, looking for parking, dealing with crowds, standing in line, or loading the car. The app is easy to use, the selection is amazing (everything from most of your grocery stores), and its cheap ($6 plus optional tip). Life changer!!


1. When writing my review, I lost everything that I had written, multiple times, simply because the name I chose to use was already taken! If a person needs to select a different name that is not already taken – the app should not erase the entire review! 2. The app needs more choices in the drop-down box the customize is what the customer views. (e.g. Organic, non-GMO, etc.) Personally, I would be thrilled to use the app if I could refine what I am searching through to show only the items I am interested in buying.

Fantastic! Needs more items!

Everybody knows that one of the hardest things in the world is to get somebody else to go grocery shopping for you. How do you get them to find the EXACT STUFF that you like? Somehow, miraculously, Instacart has figured this nightmare out! The thing that really makes this work well is that you have quick & easy communication with your shopper during the shopping process. Plus, you get to specify within the app how to handle substitutions for each item (if an item is out of stock). Instacart is very smooth, it works great, and there are almost no problems. Every once in a while, there is a very minor problem with the shopper substituting the wrong item, but accuracy for us has been around 98%. The only real downside to Instacart is that they dont actually list the entire inventory of our local Whole Foods Market in Austin... we would love to see ALL items listed, so we dont have to keep making lots of special requests when ordering.

This service rocks!

Being physically challenged, Instacart has been a real pleasure to use! I dont use Safeway much anymore, because it takes too long and they charge a delivery charge along with a fuel charge. The only thing I would like to see changed is to retain the notes left for my delivery addresses rather than have to retype them in each time. I like the feature with replacement items too. Every person that has delivered to me has been warm, caring and friendly. They always call me with any issues and I so appreciate that! I havent had to contact C/S yet, but Im sure if I had an issue, they would solve it quickly. The only thing that I dont like is that the delivery notes are saved for both locations (work/home) and not separated, so I have to add new directions depending on where my items are going. Based on another review, I hope your employees are treated fairly! Everyone Ive encountered has been very nice, caring, and wanting to help me with my grocery items. Keep up the good work youre doing! Cant wait for this to go nationwide...if I ever move, Ill use this service without hesitating! Yay!

So useful and great customer service!

Ive been using Instacart for almost one year. Im so happy to get my groceries at my door. The app is really nice and easy to use. Something highly valuable is the customer service, any doubt or trouble they are there to help you with anything.

Time saver

This app allows me to shop from home, saving me from a 2hr store visit each week, with a toddler in tow. Now I shop from home and get to spend more time with my family or doing other things I enjoy. I love this app!

Organized crime conning those struggling ecomically

Be smart and dont participate with exploitation. You want the us to be a third world country ?


They pay there workers poorly, they do not give you brakes . I feel so bad for the workers they make them do so much in so little time and you have to do it if not you will be fired and they dont fire you in person like they should they will send you a email . Please dont use this service . And if you think Im lying ask the workers

Best grocery delivery app

Always a great experience!

Corrupt business practices

Not all tips go to your drivers. Instacart and Lash delivery pocket the drivers tip money and pay them poorly. Just ask your driver the next time you order alcohol. They also force employees to work 8-11 hour days with 0 breaks, forcing employees to eat lunch while they are driving. Also there is a huge price mark up for specs and grocery orders.

Love it!!!

Love this app. Love doing my grocery shopping online & avoiding the store. I save so much money. No impulse buying, no crowds & no check out lines. Awesome.

Peapods app is much better

At first glance, this app looks clean and easy to use. But if fact its full of irritating quirks, and the "stores" only carry a fraction of what the actual stores carry. So I cannot actually order items that I know exist--by aisle and shelf--without making it a "special order." No, thanks. Instacart seems akin to Blue Apron and other millennial "conveniences" that seem hip but actually thinly ape the real deal. Peapod makes me crazy, but I least I can get 90% of what I need from them.


The shopping was fine and easy, but I did not appreciate the surprise of an automatic tip after check out. The amount should be optional. The convenience isnt worth the additional $9.00 to my family.

Comically bad service

These folks will occasionally deliver the groceries you order in the time frame you request.

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